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Centralia's oldest industry...The story begins with James Churchill, a wagon peddler of the 1890's originally from Ontario, Canada, who went from door to door with his horse and buggy selling crockery and tin ware. One day he traded some crockery for some raw deer hides; few people had any money in those days; but it looked for a while that he had made a bad trade. But thrifty James Churchill took the hides to a tanner and had them processed. Then he sat down and made sets of gloves by hand. They turned out to be the hottest selling items he had. He obtained more hides and made more gloves.
Churchill Glove Making about 1908
Churchill Glove Making about 1908
In 1897, James Churchill opened his first glove making factory. Seven years later, his business was doing so well that he needed to expand and bought a dry goods store building (pictured above).
Churchill Glove Making about 1914
Churchill Glove Making about 1904
In 1932, Niles Churchill took over the business when his father died. He went on to expand the business even further building a new branch of the industry which is still being operated under the same family ownership today. Niles “Jim” Churchill took over in 1966 retiring in 1996, where his sons Mike and Andy took over operation to present day.
Churchill Glove Making about 1902
Churchill Glove Making about 1908
Churchill Glove Making about 1912
The Churchill Manufacturing Company, originally founded in 1895, is one of the oldest industries in Centralia, WA and operated under the same family ownership. Today Churchill Glove is run by Andy and Mike Churchill